The Ways of the Heroes EP.3
Nedim Fakić

(Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Nedim Fakić is a teenager from Zenica, an industrial town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, famous for its steel factory.
At the age of sixteen, Nedim used his programming skills to create an application that collects data and shows the level of air pollution in cities around the world.

“We live in such times that software is the thing that brings change. I feel like I have a certain power while working on it, because you have a possibility to make a change.”

Director: Ana Konstantinović
Scriptwriter: Tamara Baračkov
Cinematographer: Milovan Ilić
Editing and aerial footage: Marija Kovačina
Music: Artlist
Assistant director: Željko Maksimović
Color grading: Ivan Nikolić
Production: Eho animato, September 2021

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Supported by Belgrade City Council and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia.

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