As part of The Ways of the Heroes project, “La Dramaturgie” has started a confrontation with a group of interdisciplinary experts led by Nobel Prize winner Riccardo Valentini and professors Francesco Carbone and Andrea Vitali (environmental studies experts), Stefano De Angeli (cultural heritage expert) and Doctor Giorgia di Domenico and PhD Giampiero.

Grossi (environmental expert) which evolved into the contractualization of the latter expert for the writing of the Project’s Waste Reports. A first informal Waste Report was submitted on 22nd December 2021, still based on some partial aspects of the processes and productions based on the Project actions taking place in Krusce and in Zenica. Our company invited the involved experts to adjust and integrate the Waste Report.

In the 1st Waste Report written by Professor Carbone outlines the two alternative methodologies applied to the project activities as well as the first recommendations for professionals involved in both performing arts and international activities. The report focuses mainly on the activities carried out in Krusce, Slovenia within the frame of the 1st and the 2nd “Community Building Workshop”.

A specific annex related to the Public Space Performances “A Beloved Enemy” held in Zenica is due in April 2022. At the same time doctor Giampiero Grossi is in touch with the involved theatre professionals to develop a questionnaire for the “Enemy of the People” production currently in process at the Macedonian National Theatre, in order to produce an accurate LCA- Life Cycle Assessment on this cultural product.