The Ways of the Heroes EP.6
Ratko Antunović

(Bosnia and Hercegovina)

Ratko Antunović lives in Zenica and he has been a mountaineering hobbyist for over 50 years. For him, spending time in nature is healing, he is a passionate hiker with a mission of motivating people to engage in activities in nature while at the same time, he shares his knowledge on how to understand, respect and preserve the environment.

Nature itself is curative. Silence in nature, it’s curative. Listening to natural sounds like birds, water, wind… it’s all curative. Because those sounds are natural sounds and they bring natural rhythms, and natural rhythms are also inside us.

Director: Ana Konstantinović
Scriptwriter: Tamara Baračkov
Cinematographer: Milovan Ilić
Editing and aerial footage: Marija Kovačina
Music: Yorgos Doussos, Artlist
Assistant director: Željko Maksimović
Color grading: Ivan Nikolić
Production: Eho animato, February 2022

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Supported by Belgrade City Council and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia.

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