APRIL 25th

 The Ways of the Heroes EP.8
Francesco Pelaia


Seven years ago, Francesco Pelaia’s passion for repairs motivated him to open Aggiustotutto, the first Repair Café in Italy, together with a group of friends. The concept of repair cafes is that people gather and volunteer to repair their objects and appliances. Francesco believes that it is important to establish an emotional relationship with objects in order to understand their value; and that every object, no matter how old or broken, can find a new function and purpose.

“The term “solidarity economy” encompasses everything- recycling, reuse, repair, and solidarity between people; therefore the possibility of exchanging objects and exchanging experiences to make the most of the planet’s resources.”

“The emotional relationship between objects and people is essential and it can break the chain of commodification of disposable consumption.”


Director: Ana Konstantinović
Scriptwriter: Tamara Baračkov
Cinematographer: Milovan Ilić
Editing and aerial footage: Marija Kovačina
Music: Yorgos Dousos and Artlist license
Assistant director: Željko Maksimović
Assistant editor: Sara Jovanović
Color grading: Ivan Nikolić
Production: Eho animato, April 2022

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Supported by Belgrade City Council and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia.

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