28 May to 02 June 2022
Eco Art Days of Studio Teatar

“Eco Art Days of Studio Teatar” took place from May 28th to June 2nd this year. As part of this six-day event, a series of activities were carried out with the aim of raising awareness among the audience about the importance of each individual in the protection of the environment.

As part of the festival the guest performance “An Enemy of the People” was presented. The play was produced by the Macedonian National Theater in Skopje, North Macedonia. The performance took place on Friday, June 2nd, at 7:30 PM on the main stage of BNP (Bosnian National Theater). The text was written by Henrik Ibsen, and the direction was by Nina Nikolik. The drama perfectly corresponds to the crisis our society we are facing – through the isolation of Dr. Stockmann from the community, Ibsen skillfully exposed social conformity and political opportunism, revealing the mechanism by which any individual attempt to address systemic injustice is automatically characterized as treacherous and conspiratorial. “An Enemy of the People” also raises an important dilemma about the current environmental struggles – how to deal with something that, on the one hand, is the source of pollution and contamination, but on the other hand, the main (often the only) source of income for most of the local population? The performance was subtitled in Bosnian.

On May 28th, in the summer garden of Caffe Backstage in Zenica, a screening of a documentary film omnibus titled “The Ways of the Heroes” was organized. The film tells the stories of 12 individuals from six European countries, demonstrating that personal actions, no matter how small and invisible they may seem, can have a significant impact on environmental protection and preservation. The film was produced by the organization Eho Animato from Belgrade, Serbia.

Studio Teatar’s team also had the youngest ones in mind. Specifically, for them, a book promotion event titled “The Wind’s Tales” was organized. The book, through a fairy-tale approach aimes to educate children from an early age about the importance of environmental protection. The author of the book is Nika Gavrovska from Skopje. The promotion took place on June 2nd at the premises of the Zenica City Library starting at 11:30 AM. The book is also been translated into Bosnian.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.